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Retailers Doing it Right

Some retailers manage to achieve gender neutral marketing, displaying their products in a way that invites all children to explore any book or toy that captures their imagination.

Retailers achieve this by avoiding signs labelling ‘boy’s/girl’s’ sections, avoiding the use of dichotomous ‘colour codes’ of pink/sparkly versus blue/hyper aggressive representing gender distinctions in their stores, by avoiding gender stereotyped imagery in printed catalogues and avoiding the use of categories separating ‘boy’s toys’ and ‘girl’s toys’ when retailing online.
They manage to create a more inclusive way to market toys to children, categorising toys by purpose (educational) or activity type (outdoor play), age range or other non-gendered descriptors.

The toys produced by some manufacturers avoid the highly gendered colour codes we see in many retail outlets, creating toys in a rainbow of colours and natural materials with a broader appeal, rather than the limited options of pink or blue.

Play Unlimited would like to recognise the retailers and manufacturers ‘doing it right’ by our children. Click on the links below to see what more gender-neutral marketing looks like. Watch this space for more retailers and manufacturers as they come to our attention.

Freestyle Kids

Freestyle Kids is an online shop which is focused on unique toys, educational toys, wooden toys, old fashioned toys and more; things that inspire imagination, creativity and learning opportunities.

The range highlights toys which put a focus on natural materials and the outdoor environment and provide opportunities for children to learn, grow, enjoy, marvel and be inspired.


Presents of Mind

Presents of Mind have been operating since 1996 and are known for their wide range of gifts, games, toys and puzzles. They’re also known for their service – helping customers find the perfect gift for any occasion. Their website has only a small sample of what’s in-store so if you find yourself in Brisbane, be sure to check them out.

Flying Penguin logo

Flying Penguin Extraordinary Educational Toys offers high quality, educational toys and games for children from 0-15 years, carefully chosen to last and produced with minimal negative impact on the environment. Their belief is that young people are the future and investing in products which enrich and sustain young minds will help build an inclusive and positive world.

Eco Toys Logo



Eco Toys is an online store stocking toys which are safe for kids and also kind to our planet. Their toys are crafted from natural, sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable and/or recycled materials. They focus on promoting a range of safe, non-toxic, educational toys to encourage imaginative play and support Australian made, Australian designed and ethical manufacturers.

Ikea Logo


Ikea is a multinational retailer selling furniture, homewares & accessories including a range of children’s furniture and toys.

Weave Bellingen

Weave is based on the mid-north coast in beautiful Bellingen and offer fine art and craft supplies, Steiner products, toys, wool and fabric. Supporting local artisans by sourcing sustainable local products.

Email us pictures of your local store ‘doing it right’ for inclusion on our website.


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  1. Cecile says:

    Australian Geopgraphic have no gender bias in their online store or their paper catalogue. Toys and games are arranged by category, not by gender-appeal

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