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In Support of Jenna

October 9, 2015

Around the world many retailers are making great progress by removing gender labelling and signs from their toy sections in stores and online – fantastic steps towards eliminating gender stereotyping from our children’s play time.

Despite all this progress, the BigW store in Belmont, Western Australia (along with other stores throughout Australia) recently installed large “Boy’s Toys” and “Girl’s Toys” signs above the toy section.

Local mum Jenna Cole launched a petition to have the signs removed – a step which is essential in allowing our children to be free of gender stereotyping when choosing the toys and activities that interest them. So far the petition has gained loads of media coverage and has the support of nearly 1500 signatures. When we spoke to Jenna a few days ago, she told us so far she’s had only a generic response from BigW via the query she raised on their Facebook page.

Please stand behind Jenna by adding your signature to her petition. Raise your voice in favour of change. Together we can let BigW know there’s no place for selling gender stereotypes to our children.

You can see the petition here or simply use our Petitions menu above.

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