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Really. You gotta stop.

You gotta stop.

April 10, 2014

Play Unlimited today widened it’s scope for the call to end the gendered-marketing of toys to children.

We have decided to shine the spotlight back across the entire toy retailing and marketing industry rather than focusing on the Australian arm of the global chain ToysRus.

The move has come in the wake of discussions with ToyRus and on-the-ground feedback from our concerned supporters.

We’ve had many people highlight just how widespread and blatant gendered marketing is in the toy industry; ToyRus themselves have asked us to take a wider look at the industry.

So we’ve broadened the scope to work with all retailers of toys – big and small – in order to create real and permanent change in the way in which toys are sold in this country.

So today we relaunched our petition on Change.org and we’re asking all our supporters to back this charter for social change in the Australian toy sector.

For more details, read our media release here.

The petition – Stop Selling Gender Stereotypes to Our Children – is awaiting your support on Change.org.

Post By Thea Hughes (19 Posts)

Thea spent more than a decade working in a heavily male-dominated industry, inspiring her to begin her formal studies in gender at Sydney University and to found Play Unlimited. As a parent, she is passionate about diminishing the impact of gender-based marketing on the next generation.


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  1. Tam Stubbs says:

    The toys when I was a kid (late 70s early 80s) seem so much more gender neutral. My doll was blue, my sisters doll pink.
    We had Lego and other such nuts n bolts type build it yourself that wasn’t gender specific. It’s a great way to develop imagination.
    Kids shouldn’t be put into boxes before they have a chance to grow and find themselves.

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